“A piercing display of how eating disorders can take hold and rip relationships apart ”

Overshadowed tells the story of Imgene, a young Irish vlogger whose life spirals out of control when she meets the monster of anorexia. She used to be sparkly, vivacious and outgoing, but recently she’s be withdrawn, gaunt and obsessed with exercise. The reason? Her new “best friend” Anna is casting a dark shadow over Imo’s life and won’t rest until she’s a shadow of her former self.

Shot in an innovative format, the story unfolds through a series of vlogs. All eight episodes are told from Imo’s point of view, giving a unique documentary-style insight into teenage life and her increasingly fragile mental state.


8 x 10 minute episodes


Written by
Eva O’Connor & Hildegard Ryan

Directed by
Hildegard Ryan 

Produced by
Sian Palfrey

a devastating, realistic picture  ”

The Guardian

Based on Eva O’Connor’s award winning play, this eight-part miniseries is compelling, haunting and funny. Starring a host of fresh new talent, including Michelle Fox as Imogen, the television adaptation was co-written by Irish television newcomers Eva O’Connor & Hildegard Ryan.

Kay was encouraged to see the play and felt inspired to bring it to life on TV as she found its unique, realistic portrayal of eating disorders compelling.

Much of the series was shot on a GoPro body camera to mimic the YouTube style confessional that Imogen is filming.

Our awards & nominations

Drama Category Winner
Mind Media Awards 2018


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