My Left Nut

“In its confident blend of disparate elements, My Left Nut looks like the seminal stirrings of a whole new ballgame.”

Teenager Mick discovers a swelling on his testicle and tries to ignore it. He can't tell his dad about it – he died 7 years ago. He can't tell his mum, as she's got a million other things on her plate. He can't tell his schoolmates either – after all, there's an upside to rumours flying around school about the bulge in your trousers…

After finally confiding in his mother, he plucks up the courage to go to the doctor – all whilst still trying to keep his swollen testicle from his friends Tommy and Conor, and his prospective girlfriend Rachael.


3 x 30 minute episodes


Written by
Michael Patrick & Oisin Kearney

Directed by
Paul Gay

Produced by
Sian Palfrey

Guaranteed to make you laugh and cry in equal measure. ”

The i

Based on the award-winning stage play and inspired by a true story, My Left Nut is a coming of age comedy drama about friendship, family, grief and testicles. Written by Michael Patrick and Oisín Kearney, the three part comedy drama was shot in Belfast and stars Nathan Quinn O'Rawe and Sinead Keenan.

Michael Patrick – on whom the series is based – played a policeman in one of the episodes.

Our awards & nominations

  • Best Drama
    2020 Royal Television Society Northern Ireland Awards

  • Best Drama
    2021 Royal Television Society Yorkshire Awards

  • Best Writers (Michael Patrick & Oisín Kearney)
    2021 Royal Television Society Yorkshire Awards

  • Best Actor (Nathan Quinn O'Rawe)
    2021 Royal Television Society Yorkshire Awards

My Left Nut

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